Our Process

The construction disbursing process is utilized to make sure all bills on a construction project are paid in a timely and efficient manner and that all lien waivers and material releases for first, second, and third tier contractors are collected. (General Contractors are first tier, their sub-contractors are second tier, and material suppliers are third tier) All tiers have lien rights and can potentially foreclose on a construction project if their payments are not received.

The process may be achieved in one of two ways:

  1. All payments on a project are paid directly to each party submitting an invoice on the project. The general contractor is paid for the work that they performed on their invoices. The second tier subs are paid for the work on their invoices – and the suppliers are paid for all materials supplied to the project. For each and every payment a conditional lien waiver is secured prior to check release.
  2. For Underwriter approved General Contractors the payment process may be tailored to utilize AIA G702-703 draw payment forms. In this process the first payment is paid directly to the General Contractor and all subsequent monthly draw requests are paid directly to the general contractor only after the disbursing company receives all unconditional lien and material waivers for all subs and material suppliers paid through the previous month’s draw.

General Contractor / Builder Procedures for entering a draw on a project:

Step 1: General contractor / builder enters an itemized list on-line of who is to be paid from the draw request.

  • To enter your information using Disbursa, follow these easy steps.
  • First, from the website click on Client Login.
  • Enter your username and password that has been provided to you. The Company Code is 1001.
  • Click "login" and then click on the address of the project for which you wish to complete a payment request.
  • On the summary screen click on the button "Voucher Entry."
  • In lower right hand corner click on "Voucher Request".
  • On the voucher request screen go to the lower right hand corner and click on "Add."
  • Click on the "vendor search" and enter the name of the company or supplier you wish to pay. After entering the entire name you may click on "search." If the contractor/supplier is in our database, that name will appear with an associated contractor number. Click on that contractor entry to select this as the contractor you wish to pay.
  • If the correct name does not appear, click on "add vendor." Fill out the contractor information form with all the available data you have. This will include company name, address, phone number, contact information and zip code. After entering all available information, click "add vendor." This vendor and the entered information will be available for all subsequent requests.
  • Next indicate whether this payment is to be a "final" or a "partial" payment by clicking on the appropriate circle.
  • Enter in the memo field any invoice or reference numbers.
  • Enter the amount to be paid from the appropriate category.
  • Then click "Add" and your payment request is now complete.

Step 2: Enter a request to order funds from Bank:

  • On summary screen click on "Bank Orders"
  • In lower right hand corner click on "Bank Order Request"
  • In lower right hand corner click on "Add"
  • In middle of screen enter in the amount of funds you want to order.
  • In lower right hand corner click "Add" that completes the request to order funds from Bank.

Step 3: Accurate Disbursing will collect all supporting lien waivers and material releases so that funds may be released.

Please Note: If you are in possession of any invoice, lien waivers or material releases, please fax them to (314) 835-4114 after you have entered the payments into the system OR originals should be mailed to 131 Prospect Ave., Ste. C, Kirkwood, MO 63122. All invoice, lien waivers and material releases must have the complete and correct property address.

B. Lender Procedures for viewing projects

  1. From the website click on Client Login.
  2. In the lower center, click on client login box.
  3. Enter username, password and company code.
  4. You should see a list of all projects being disbursed for your specific bank and location.
  5. Click on the project you wish to access.
  6. Once in a project, just click on the appropriate tab to the information of the project you wish to review

C. Accurate Disbursing Procedures

Prior to any check being released to a general contractor, builder, subcontractor or supplier, Accurate Disbursing must have received, if appropriate:

Lien Waivers

  1. A signed lien waiver from the company named on the check in the full amount of the check.
  2. The lien waiver must have the complete and correct property address on it.
  3. The lien waiver must be an unconditional lien waiver.

Material Releases

  1. A signed unconditional material release from the supplier of the goods and/or supplies that were used in the construction showing complete and correct property address.
  2. Material Releases are needed for (but are not limited to) the following budget items including: footings, foundations, concrete, electrical, electric fixtures, lumber, plumbing, drywall, HVAC, flooring, sheet metal, cabinets, doors, driveways, sidewalks, bathroom fixtures, hardware, brickwork, trusses, paint, roofing, etc.
  3. If a material release cannot be provided - Accurate Disbursing pay the supplier directly.

Click Here to Download Accurate Disbursing's "WAIVER OF CLAIMS FOR PAYMENT" form in PDF format.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your construction disbursing coordinator at 314-835-4115.

Thank you for choosing Accurate Disbursing!